Team Meeting

8 Years of Experience

GoVolta  is an Energy company that provide sustainable and safe energy in collective size installations to a total lifetime cost that is lower than current and foreseeable future of other available energy options.  The company was established 2013 .

And to do this in fast and compact turn-key solutions and also offer a financing that is compatible or better than for established energy technologies.


And to do this in more or less any location in a scalable way as an off-grid or on-grid solution working with other energy producing technologies.


The Fleet

An Organization with High Competence 
GoVolta is an advanced value-added company whose success depends on its employees’ competence, ambition, attitude and willingness to work as a team. 


With our highly skilled and competent people, we deliver smart and user-friendly products and solutions to the global market. We encourage smart working by promoting a good work-life balance. 



We are encouraged to take initiatives and bravely take on challenges. Our people make a difference every day, with individual contributions as the key to our success. We demonstrate integrity in our decisions, and stand up for our values. 




We communicate openly with compassion and integrity. We are open to new ideas, markets and products and continuously refine our ways of working. We build trust by communicating openly and transparently with stakeholders. 




We work together towards common goals. We build trust to create long-lasting relationships. We care for each other and treat each other with respect. We help each other and share our knowledge for continuous development. We have fun together! 


The values guide corporate decisions and permeate the entire organization. They are taken into account when recruiting, included in training programs and in the introduction program for new members of staff, as well as in target and development discussions. 

Sunset by the Water

Our  Destination

There will be big opportunities and some serious risks for businesses along the road to 2050. The global price of carbon is expected to converge at $140 per tonne of CO2 by 2030 and $400 by 2050. But those companies that take action today to produce and follow a high quality road map will put themselves into a stronger position to navigate the treacherous path ahead.

Our Professional Crew

Sebastian von Bülow

Chief Executive Officer

Sebastian has extensive experience building and launching business ventures and concepts in the technology and media sectors. He started his first tech based company with a Nordic platform in the 1980’s. Sebastian is skilled in product planning, user experience, consumer marketing, product management.  He has experience in quality assurance testing and is a branding analysis expert.  He has previously worked for international organisations including Ernest & Young and Bang & Olufsen, focusing mainly on international business in New York and Moscow.  He holds a degree in international Business & Marketing from Sweden and New York, USA.                   


Chief Technology Officer

BSc Mechanical Engineering (1984) from Iowa State University. MSc Mechanical Engineering (1987) from Colorado State University. US Energy Department Energy Audit and conservation project for business and industry. NASA space station nuclear power plant simulation. 
Solar program of the University Solar Village (Fort Collins) structured data acquisition system for passive solar application (set future standards).
CAM Computers Ltd (1988-1996) - Established a computer trading Company for mainly Russia. M. Shammas Technologies Ltd (1992 -2010) - Established an assembly/manufacturing facility for Computers, monitors, screens, TVs in Cyprus.  Several entities (2012-date) - Established a research company for innovative clean energy technologies.                 

Torsten Jungner

Chief Strategy Officer                   

Torsten is an Swedish entrepreneur with 40 years experience including venture capital and with vast experience in health care and laboratory industry ( and sustainability ( in Africa and Indonesia.

Have worked six years as consultant (focus in management and processes. ( and participated in many transactions he has a vast experience of project and company developments from start-up to IPO.

He has MBA in international business, marketing and finance from Stockholm School of Economics and HEC (Paris, France).

Marios Anastasiou

Chief Financial Officer

A highly skilled and commercially-minded C-Level Executive & CFO with a Big Four grounding and a track record of success driving robust operational/financial stewardship, commercial development and sustainable change in organizations with knowledge of management consulting, financial services, and Technology. Demonstrated capabilities in financial modelling and analysis, assessing strategic priorities and shapes/executes transformation programs, projects and change initiatives including organizational restructures, and digital implementations to support the delivery of operational process improvements, cost efficiencies, product development, and growth ambitions.
Highly adaptable with strong team-building and leadership skills, driving positive cultural change, developing talent and operationalizing strategies to deliver a common vision and values.

Richard Stuart-Fox

Chief Executive Officer UK

Background in accounting and was head hunted by the Marley tile co. (UK) where he became the youngest area manager. 
Founder of Mancala Group (1990) - operates world-wide in corporate financing and JVs on projects funding ( Running businesses from start-ups to takeovers world-wide in most business fields. He started his first building contracting business together with his own heavy goods transport business which was based in Swansea, South Wales. Over the last 20 years operated and lived in Europe and the CIS countries with operations and dealings with Presidents and Mayors to a host of countries.
Awarded the Medal of Honour (2013) by President Saakashvili for 8 years services to Georgia.


Financial Consultant

Per Bergkvist

Per has over 20 years experience in international finance gained in a variety of sectors including IT, infrastructure, media and banking. He has held senior positions in global organisations, including ABB and UBS, as well as in corporate finance and private equity firms such as Alfa Capital in Russia.  He is also an entrepreneur who has been involved in a number of start-ups and has a solid experience in growing and developing new ventures.  He has spent many years in London, New York and Moscow, and holds a MSc in International Business and Economics from Lund University in Sweden.

Sotos Voskarides.jpg
Prof. Sotos Voskarides


Professor Sotos Voskarides is head Telemedicine Lab., Cyprus University of Technology at Cyprus University of Technology

Our Senior Advisors - A wealth of Expertise to Draw on

Prof. Phedon Nicolaides

Professor Phedon Nicolaides is a Professor at Maastricht University.

He held the Jan Tinbergen Chair for European Economics at the College of Europe from 2012 to 2018.

He was educated in the United States, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. He obtained a PhD in economics and a PhD in law.

Professor of European Economics and Director of the Economics University of Maastricht, 2014 – present. Visiting Professor: College of Europe, 2004 – 2012 & 2018 – present. Visiting Professor and Senior Fellow: Luiss University, Rome, April 2018 – present.  Editorial Board Member: Intereconomics, 2000 – present; European Structural and Investment Funds Journal; 2012 – present; Legal Issues of Economic Integration, 1999 – present; Maastricht Journal of European and Comparative Law, 2010 – present; European State Aid Law Quarterly, 2014 – present. 

Academic Director: Lexxion Publishing, Berlin, 2012 – present. Scientific Council Member: Global Competition Law Centre, College of Europe, 2012 – present. Advisor: Malta Development Bank, 2019 – present; Cyprus Foundation for Research and Innovation, 2019 – present.
Owner: PN Advisory Services, 2012 – present. 

Secretary-General: Cyprus Shipping Council, Member: Cyprus Competition Commission.

Minister Plenipotentiary: Cyprus Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Senior Lecturer: European Institute of Public Administration, Senior Research Fellow & Project Director: The Royal Institute of International Affairs, London.
ESRC Research Fellow: London Business School, (Centre for Business Strategy),
Research Officer: Trade Policy Research Centre, London.

Prof. Nick Almond

Nick is a blockchain researcher and concept developer with a PhD in experimental biophysics and 15 years of experience in academic senior leadership. 
He has acted as an Associate Dean and a Director of Teaching and Learning at leading Universities in the UK. 
He has lectured in physics, mathematics, cryptography, technology and education theory. 
He is an expert in disruptive technology and is working on the core technological development of several GoVolta projects focusing on understanding magnetic energy.

Prof. Albert Cavalli

WORLD SOCIETY OF CREATORS-SMC (Intellectual protection of Innovation) Charter member.
ACANOR (association for standards’ promotion) Board director.

EUE Expert in charge of Directives implementation in countries candidate to EU. DAFEES University Senior Partner. 
RGIC IFN (Non Banking Financing institution) Vice-President In the development of the industries:
Steel processing and coatings, Engineered textiles , recycling of industrials waste, green energy, Wood industry and Innovative agriculture
Financial management: Long and medium terms financing, private and institutional.

Merger /acquisition International management: Management of changes, sustainable development, Quality insurances, Environmental protection, Global regulation (security, energy, health, recycling).