Team Meeting

9 Years of Experience

GoVolta  is an Energy company that development sustainable and safe energy in collective size installations to a total lifetime cost that is lower than current and foreseeable future of other available energy options.  The company was established 2013 .

And to do this in more or less any location in a scalable way as an off-grid or on-grid solution working with other energy producing technologies.


The Fleet

An Organization with High Competence 
GoVolta is an advanced value-added company whose success depends on its employees’ competence, ambition, attitude and willingness to work as a team. 


With our highly skilled and competent people, we deliver smart and user-friendly products and solutions to the global market. We encourage smart working by promoting a good work-life balance. 



We are encouraged to take initiatives and bravely take on challenges. Our people make a difference every day, with individual contributions as the key to our success. We demonstrate integrity in our decisions, and stand up for our values. 




We communicate openly with compassion and integrity. We are open to new ideas, markets and products and continuously refine our ways of working. We build trust by communicating openly and transparently with stakeholders. 




We work together towards common goals. We build trust to create long-lasting relationships. We care for each other and treat each other with respect. We help each other and share our knowledge for continuous development. We have fun together! 


The values guide corporate decisions and permeate the entire organization. They are taken into account when recruiting, included in training programs and in the introduction program for new members of staff, as well as in target and development discussions. 

Sunset by the Water

Our  Destination

There will be big opportunities and some serious risks for businesses along the road to 2050. The global price of carbon is expected to converge at $140 per tonne of CO2 by 2030 and $400 by 2050. But those companies that take action today to produce and follow a high quality road map will put themselves into a stronger position to navigate the treacherous path ahead.